TinyMCESettings: Different CSS for different parts of the site


Is it possible to use different css files for the XHtml property editing (TinyMCESettings) for different sections on the site? We would like to do something like: if XHtml property exist on PageType A with property B set to C then use A.css, otherwise use B.css. But where to put logic like this?

The css to use for XHtml editing can be defined in various ways:

  • web.config
  • Inheriting from PropertySettings and implementing the GetPropertySettings() method
  • Manually overriding value from code in admin

But all of these options set the same css-file (or files) for all XHtml properties over the entire site. (Is is possible to get some epi-context in the 2:nd option?)

May 24, 2016 14:47

Hmm.. Thats a great question, have a look at this article http://world.episerver.com/documentation/Items/Developers-Guide/Episerver-CMS/9/Editing/Customizing-the-TinyMCE-editor/

Scroll down little bit and you'll find:

~/Templates/Public/Styles/Glossy/Editor.css, ~/Templates/Public/Styles/Glossy/Editor2.css

I've done some quick research and i found that if you go to Admin Mode in EPiServer > Content Type > PageType with XhtmlString, click the property name and then Custom Settings, there you'll find Content CSS Path, so you can set a specific path for your css file and i guess you could do it in code aswell, probably as an attribute on your property.

I'll follow this thread, tell us what you found :D

May 24, 2016 17:38
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