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Unable to load /EPiServer/cms/Stores/notification/ status: 500 after upgrading to 9.8.3


After upgrading from CMS 9.8.2 to 9.8.3 i get this error:

Unable to load /EPiServer/cms/Stores/notification/ status: 500

Anyone seen the same or have ideas on what might solve the issue? I upgraded 2 customer site, but only one get this error.

May 03, 2016 14:01

The response from /EPiServer/cms/Stores/notification/ is:

��Xms�6�ޙ���n.��,J��Ħ(͹�{�I�4�`�o?��L�&�#�eOo(�K�д��y������zbў�mk���m�#c�t�Rl~%�e�����!��Ni�:� y�?w�]�tpfbq��� �$I&N�?�֪�[��t��\�VŴ��WgEð�?zjK��ڱaKW�u�@���*�Ȉ�p�d�"��r�w7�]���5���H�(E�a͙��p��(���Wz�׹S�I�f D@i��J�I*QPC�U2��7F�̼����S��U�,E����w�$9C� a$("�׽����ȔUa����~�ZJ��U!SdEϨ!:��Q��o��gs�N�ފ�Ժޝ� GΛ,��gћ�z��n6�+2I�&=������BV���o}�A����l���f>\;o��Q�}*Mc�%u+p]o��0��y��LB�xMqC�˄ ����ƿTYB:��+T�Y=�U��*�%�|�=G#P~9W�h�����$Nc��:O�ض���ћO1�� ^<9���t�3��\�)�h�l5X�9��� ���Ɨ��Q���g;�}��ֹto'kV<�j��κ�tʃ�m�5+�"�آ�ys�������gݏ�^lVh�o:�3�mSR?Z�y�!Ʊ���������5au}K_��[�6��e:,����<��Qt&� L���$�5�K}0/�4��������0�����/>��X��: �HE_����|��4���A��k8U�^���M��WF�q��V��ZKu����)��~2|V.�Fr����hc��ɏ�>�JQ���T��m���5T�7<�mI�oGY/��P>ͮG~2�Sғؾ�-�Зr��߭��[�'A�`�ta������Y�!,O׿3]Y퀿![Yc��RI����'/_U.������
May 03, 2016 14:16

Do you have any logs from server? which can give me any clue to figure out what is going on? This response seems resulted from a wrong encoding. The server log can tell you more in case of 500 errors. 

May 03, 2016 14:51

I found the problem. It was related to code I was executing in an ActionFilter.

May 03, 2016 15:04
<p>@Anders: Do you recall what the issue was? I'm currently experiencing the same.</p>
Nov 18, 2016 14:27

@Mathias Unfourtuneatly I do not remember exactly, but I think that is was related to code i had in a class inheriting from ActionFilterAttribute that messed up the response. I was trying to remove the header value "X-Frame-Options" for request originating from a specific network.

Nov 18, 2016 14:34

Ok, seems like my issue is different. System.Web.HttpContext.Current is returning null when requesting /EPiServer/cms/Stores/notification/. This is since updating EPi from 9.5 to 10.1.

Edited, Nov 18, 2016 14:38
<p>Hi mathias,</p> <p></p> <p>i just upgraded to 10.1 as well and i get this error as well..</p> <p></p> <p>when loggin into the CMS i get this popup. Nothing in the code was changed only the upgrade. So why is this now complaining?&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p><img src="" width="640" alt="Error" height="646" /></p> <p></p> <p></p>
Mar 27, 2017 13:15

Hi Vishal!

We reverted our upgrade (for reasons) and put it back in the backlog for now so I'm afraid I didn't get to the bottom of this undecided

Mar 27, 2017 13:18

I see...

i wonder what the Stores/Notification does, and how can i debug that a bit better to figure out what is causing this. 

THe thing is, that if i just ignore this error, the CMS otherwise works perfectly. So i dont experience any strange things, but still its annoying when you get this going to the CMS.

Mar 27, 2017 13:34

Hi Visual, 

Can you take the screen shot of full exception message and post it here. The above you pasted show that it is a method not implementaion exception. If you can find which method is throwing this, that will help. 

At high level it seems you are using some User/membership provider which doesn't have some method. It could be possible that notification Store is trying to resolve the full username but the relevant provider doesn't implement some specific methods. 

Mar 27, 2017 13:38

Hi Vishal,

In your screenshot I can see from the stacktrace that there is code in nl.hro.CMProviders.CMMembershipProvider.FindUsersByName that throws NotImplementedException.

This is not EpiServer code throwing this exception. I suggest that you implement that FindUsersByName method to prevent this error from happening.

Mar 27, 2017 13:43

Hi Khurram,

below is the full exception.

And yes. I we have for production the custom provider implemented. Which was there in EPi 9 as well. I only got that dll from the client because we didnt implement that provider. 

I dont think the interface changed in EPI forcing to implement that method and we didnt change anything. ONly upgraded. 

ALso this provider only is active on the production environment. On local dev we use the normal sql provider, but still get this error. 

Mar 27, 2017 13:48

Do you have the membership provider set to MultiplexingMembershipProvider?

Mar 28, 2017 17:44

Yes Aniket, its like so..

  <membership defaultProvider="MultiplexingMembershipProvider" userIsOnlineTimeWindow="10" hashAlgorithmType="HMACSHA512">
        <clear />
        <add name="MultiplexingMembershipProvider" type="EPiServer.Security.MultiplexingMembershipProvider, EPiServer.Framework" provider1="SqlServerMembershipProvider" provider2="WindowsMembershipProvider" provider3="CMMembershipProvider" />
        <add name="WindowsMembershipProvider" type="EPiServer.Security.WindowsMembershipProvider, EPiServer" deletePrefix="BUILTIN\" searchByEmail="true" />
        <add name="SqlServerMembershipProvider" type="System.Web.Providers.DefaultMembershipProvider, System.Web.Providers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" connectionStringName="EPiServerDB" enablePasswordRetrieval="false" requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" requiresUniqueEmail="false" maxInvalidPasswordAttempts="5" minRequiredPasswordLength="5" minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters="0" passwordAttemptWindow="10" applicationName="EPiServerSample" />
        <add name="CMMembershipProvider" type="nl.hro.CMProviders.CMMembershipProviderRead" applicationName="Internet" serviceUrl="" enablePasswordRetrieval="false" enablePasswordReset="true" requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" requiresUniqueEmail="false" passwordFormat="Hashed" maxInvalidPasswordAttempts="5" passwordAttemptWindow="10" />
Mar 29, 2017 7:52

Try changing the defaultProvider to SQLMembershipProvider instead.

Mar 29, 2017 17:00
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