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Problem with old version of old "Namin URL"


I have a strange problem.

EPiServer 9.0.3 (mvc), multiple languages.
A couple of thousand pages.

The problem is, childpages (yes, just childpages, not their parent ) in ONE of the site's sub structures is still accesseble via an old page versions "Name in URL".

The old versions URL-structure:
- This URL is NOT accesseble.
- This URL IS accesseble.

The new, published versions URL-structure:
- This URL IS accesseble.
- This URL IS accesseble.

Note that both /da-DK/old-version/childpage and /da-DK/new-version/childpage leads to the same ( new / published ) version of the content of the "childpage".

I have tried :
- To delete ( via episerver GUI ) (all) old versions of both /da-DK/old-version/ and /da-DK/old-version/childpage, it will not help.
- I have tried to change "Name in URL" on /da-DK/new-version/ to something else ( /da-DK/new-version2/ ), but /da-DK/old-version/childpage is still accesseble.
- The only thing that seems to "solve" the problem is to change back from "/da-DK/new-version/" to "/da-DK/old-version/".
- I have also checked fo possible appearances of "Simple address", but they are empty in EPiServer's GUI.

Any suggestions?

Aug 10, 2016 12:14

Have you made sure that the url is not just cached by the browser?
Try to load the url in a different browser

Aug 10, 2016 15:32

Are you using Mogul SEO manager by chance?

Aug 10, 2016 15:37

Thanks for your response :)

I have tried the Urls in a bunch of different browsers on different computers and different networks, so that's not the case.

Mogul SEO Manager: No, we are using pretty much vanilla EPiServer.

( We are using a EPiServer.GoogleMapsEditor [1.0.5] and GoogleMaps.LocationServices [], they are installed via nuget, and thats pretty much the only third party stuff we are using for this site )

Others things that might be good to know:
- These page's exists in multiple languages ( both /da-DK/new-version/ and it's childpages ).
- The one that seems to be the cause of the problem ( /da-DK/old-version/ ) is not the language-master-version.
- It's only in the "da-DK" language we have these problems.
- The part/string/"Name in URL" /da-DK/old-version/ does exists in some other languages too ( it should be this string in those languages ), ex : /en-GB/old-version/
- We are using the built in handling for friendly-url:s / routing. We have some custom API controllers ( inherits from ApiController ), and there are we using attributes RoutePrefix and Route to handle it's routing, but no name collisions or other risky stuff there.

Edited, Aug 10, 2016 16:34
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