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Images Cannot be Previewed in an Approval Sequence


If an editor adds media (an image) to a page content area, it is not possible to preview the image, only the text. The image can be seen in All Properties view, but not in Preview mode.

Media Auto Publish is enabled.

Editor has publish rights in the page folder.

Projects is not enabled.

Approval sequence is enabled.

According to Documentation, it is not possible to auto publish and preview images.

Content Publishing tab:

"An administrator can enable the Auto publish media on upload feature. This automatically publishes images and files when you upload them. However, media is not auto published, even if this option is selected, if the folder you are uploading to has a content approval sequence set.

 If the projects feature is enabled, media is not auto-published, even if the Auto publish media on upload setting is enabled."

I am having trouble wrapping my head around this or finding a solution. Approvers need to be able to review both textual update and images. Any insights are appreciated.

Oct 22, 2017 5:01

Hi Ted, I'm not exactly sure why preview is not working for you, but let's see if we can sort this out. :-)

When you say that "approval sequence is enabled", do you mean that approval sequences have been set on both the page AND on the image folder, or only on the page? 

If you have a sequence set only on the page, the image should be automatically published when it is uploaded (that is, if the Auto publish ... setting is enabled). In that case, the image is already published so the approvers should see it when they are reviewing the page.

If you do have an approval sequence set on both the page and on the image folder, you must set both page and image as Ready for Review in order for the approvers to be able to approve them. However, even if you should forget to set the image to Ready for Review, the approvers should be able to see it (but it won't be visible on the live site if only the page is approved and published). Are your approval sequences set up with the same approvers on both the page and on the image folder (they don't have to be, but it makes things easier if they are)? Have you checked that the approvers have the correct access rights for both page and image?

Oct 24, 2017 15:43

Hello Asa,

Thank you for your reply. Here is some more info:

  • The approval sequence is set only on the page. 
  • The editor has publish rights on the page, but must use the Approval Sequence
  • Auto Publish setting is enabled

At this point, for the image to be viewable in preview mode by a reviewer, the editor must edit the image, and then choose "Publish". Afterwards the editor can return to the page and select "ready for review".

Oct 24, 2017 23:41

Hello again Ted, that sounds strange. I'm unable to reproduce this behaviour on an Alloy site, my images are autopublished if I don't have an approval sequence set on the image folder. Are you perhaps using an add-on that might cause this?

Oct 25, 2017 8:40

We're not using any addons, but we are sharing the app with multiple sites and have branched the codebase a bit. There are some differences in initialization because of that. Could that have something to do with it?

Oct 25, 2017 14:25
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