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Unable to see all Media files and/or all Variants in CMS Commerce view (Epi 10)


While looking at the list of variants at the product level in the CMS Commerce Catalog view, it seems that there is a hard height limit on the number of items Epi's UI displays. There is no scrollbar, and the number just cuts off at somewhere around 6-7 variants. The same thing happens for the media item collections (like images at the product level for example) -- the number of images visible in that collection stops at about 5, and even though you're able to add more -- you can't actually see them in the UI, as they hide behind-the-fold of the "drop images here" element.

This is all on Epi project. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a current bug?

I feel like I ran into this with previous versions of Epi, but it was fixed, so I'm wondering if it maybe made a comeback in 10, or if maybe it wasn't fixed in the first place. Or, of course, if this is somehow unique to this specific project (though I highly doubt it, as no customizations to Epi UI there have been made..).

Jun 15, 2017 23:54

Hi! You might get some more help in the Commerce Forum since it's seems to be a commerce related question. 

Anyhow, could you send a print screen explaining where it is in the UI?

Jun 17, 2017 14:45

Hi Joel,

Sorry about the delayed reply on my end. Good point -- I guess I figured since it's a question about the CMS UI rather than commerce manager or commerce-related logic, it made sense in the CMS forum. I can definitely copy it over there if I get no luck here!

Regarding a screen cap -- sure thing! Attached below.

media content invisible overflow after row 6

You can see above that the media file collection displays 6 rows, but hides all additional ones (7, 8, 9, 10+) behind the fold of the "You can drop media here" UI element. They don't come into view below it either, they're just gone. If those image rows had actual non-broken images, each row would take up more height, and even less of them would actually fit on the screen before the rest are cut off.

I experienced the same behavior in the Variant view UI on the Product level.

P.S. Am I blind, or is there no way to upload images directly into a post in World, and I have to host the image elsewhere and link to it afterwards?.. sheesh.

Edited, Jun 20, 2017 17:21
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