EPiServer 11 Image expiry in WYSIWYG



I am using an image in the TinyMCE WYSiWYG. This Image displays fine on the front end. However, I was expecting that when the image is set as expired, it would then not show on the front end? At the moment it still shows.

Obviously not a huge issue as I can just delete the image out the WYSIWYG, but if I was using the image in a ton of places around the site it might be useful to be able to expire it and let it dissapear accross front end of the site until it's set as not expired again. 

Is this a bug or is it intended functionality?

Jan 17, 2020 14:44

I just checked in my solution. I have made an image expire and try to add it to WYSIWYG editor. Episerver Admin UI did not show any error and I still can drag & drop the image in WYSIWYG editor however when I restart iis & use Guest mode (or another browser) the image does not show. So Image expire did work (i have not used it in any project.)

Jan 18, 2020 23:09

Hi Sam, I believe you are facing the issue with the image being cached to your browser. So when the image expires the link to it wont get removed from the TinyMCE produced HTML and when you browse to the content again after the image has been expired the browser has that image cached and won't request it from the server (test it with your browser, use developer tools to not to use browser cache or use another browser that you have not yet used to browse to the content). As a side note this same would happen if you first have some content (image, a file download) publicly available and browse the content and then change the access rights - browser has already this file cached and it would look like the access restriction doesn't apply.

Jan 19, 2020 9:23
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