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Restrict Content Area only to add Links


How to Restrict Content Area only to add Links?

Aug 13, 2020 12:00

What do you mean?

Allow links to pages, but not adding blocks?

Aug 13, 2020 13:16

Hi Tanvi,

Can you please explain it more?

Like -do you want to add a specific block in the ContentArea?

Aug 13, 2020 13:19

Yes I want to add only Links to Pages in the ContentArea 

Aug 13, 2020 13:22

ok, then I think AllowedTypes is the best way to do this-

[AllowedTypes(new []{ typeof(YourPageType) })]
public virtual ContentArea Gallery { get; set; }
Edited, Aug 13, 2020 13:28

You have several options.

1. Add an AllowedTypes attribute to your property


2. Use LinkItemCollection instead of ContentArea

 public virtual LinkItemCollection MyLinkProperty{ get; set; }

3. Use List of ContentReference

public virtual IList<ContentReference> MyContentListProperty{ get; set; }
Edited, Aug 13, 2020 13:29

I'm using ContentArea as I want only specific page links. I dont want to add links for all types of pages.

Can u suggest any code which can restrict the pagetype links to only specific ones in LinkItemCollection?

Aug 13, 2020 13:35

If you are going to use LinkItemCollection, have a look at this:

Aug 13, 2020 13:37

Hi Tanvi,

Please use `Restriction based on base classes and interfaces` to restrict the page and block type contents:

Aug 13, 2020 14:55

I tried [AllowedTypes(typeof(PageData))] but this is allowing the entire pagetype.

I want it to be in form of links. [AllowedTypes(typeof(ContentReference))] is not working.

Is there any other way to add ContentReference in the ContentArea

Aug 13, 2020 16:59

Tanvi, please pass the page types that you want to include in allowed types. Like below ex-

[AllowedTypes(new []{ typeof(YourPageType A), typeof(YourPageType B),
typeof(YourPageType C)})]
public virtual ContentArea Gallery { get; set; }
Aug 13, 2020 17:52

I'm not what rules you need, but using IValidate lets you be very specific, if restricting by page type is not enough. You could only allow links to pages with a name starting with the letter «C» or pages that are created Friday after 5PM. Or anything else you may think of.

Aug 14, 2020 4:24
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