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Merge a single site into multisite



There is a multisite environment with a shared database. The codebase is also shared.

We have another single site which we would like to integrate into the multisite environment.

So essentially we need to merge the code and migrate the content from the single site into the multisite environment.

Are there any best practices to follow to achieve this? How do we achieve this with minimum time and impact?

I am posting here to see if anyone has done this before and what they followed. I am hoping this is too difficult and can be achieved with couple of days work.

Any help or direction is appreciated!


Jun 25, 2022 22:30
Jun 27, 2022 10:40
Besley - Jun 27, 2022 10:51
Thanks Surjit. But my question was not exactly regarding exporting data. When merging two environments, I wanted to know the considerations I need to make. Say for example there are common files like startup, which I will need to merge. We wanted to see if we can keep separate startup classes for each project within the solution.

So the main concern was regarding the code merge, the fastest way to do this without breaking any pages or workflows

There isn't a best practice as far as I know but before you can move content from your single site to your multi site then as you implied you'll need to sort the code out first.

Which basically means bringing both code bases into alignment. Here's some in no particular order I can rattle off when I've done previous migrations:

  • Make sure both sites are on same version of Optimizely. Upgrading the lesser site and fix any breaking changes.
  • Isolate any features you definetly want to bring over and others you don't. It's helpful to even go as far as physically deleting code and content that are no longer in use and you don't intend to carry over.
  • Identify features that are functionality similiar is written differently. It may be worth ditching the 'old way' and using the newer code.
  • Identify features that do not exist in the multi site but need to be brought over from the single site. You may need to do some refactoring on the single site to ensure when it's brought over, its clean.
  • Common content items such as a 'Standard Page' might exist in both sites but have different content guids attached them. Optimizely does have a convert page tool that is often used to convert from an old page template to a new one. You can select which property gets mapped using the tool. So for something as single as a Standard Page, you may have a Title and a Content Area so straight forward to convert. A more complex page like a blog page, you may need to do some testing or introduce new fields to the multisite.
  • You mentioned the start up class which is part of a bigger problem because your code architecture may be different. If one site uses membership and the other uses identity then you'll need to lay out a strategy to convert these users. Each part component of your architecture will need to be audited.
  • Some clients have asked us to migrated content over using a combination of tools and code changes. But depending on the size of your content, it could be cheaper for the client to recreate the content manually.
  • I've never seen a site have separate start up classes. Might be prudent to combine them and then have your different sites use their unique features.
  • Fastest way? You'll need to your developer consultant audit both sites to help guide you to that goal.
Jun 27, 2022 11:18
PuneetGarg - Jul 14, 2022 7:26
Yes, you are right. you can follow best practice there is no syntax for this.
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