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Edit view is not loading


Hi team, 

Sometime CMS Edit view is not loading with errors in console (see screenshot below). The issue is floating - sometimes it is not reproducing. Hard reload of a page usually helps, and Edit view become available. What may be a root of the issue? 

Response headers for one of these files: 

Thanks in advance!

Edited, Sep 27, 2022 16:32

One of the files being loaded in doesn't have the correct MIME type.

In your screenshot, the error at the top of the console: Refused to execute script from '<URL>'...usually refers to an endpoint that is supposed to be coming back with a certain MIME type but its coming back with HTML instead.

Since the issue is on EDIT mode and doesn't seem to be loading the preview your page then it could be an addon of some sort? What do you have installed?

Sep 27, 2022 22:11

Hi Surjit,

There were no recent updates related to packages. The last one was in July - there was EpiserverCmsAudit package installed. But the issue was noticed only in the current month. 

Sep 28, 2022 19:27

Looks like requests are being pushed to the login page (Login.aspx) which is a HTML page thus not JS. So at a guess the authentication method is timing out and redirecting requests for authenticated URLs such as /episerver/anything to the login page. Which probably explains why a refresh sorts out the issue as users are likely to be pushed through authentication again.

What authentication provider are you using? At a wild guess I'd say you are using a federated provider?

Sep 29, 2022 10:17

Hi David, 

We are using ASP.NET Membership provider, not federated

Oct 17, 2022 9:18
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