Tracking number / PO Number


So can anyone tell me why purchase orders are implemented as they are now in regards to Tracking number/ PO Number?

Did any Commerce developers wonder about the 3 preadded meta fields on Purchase Orders, and what happens if you remove them? 

It just looks half implemented or as if it was a late descision to do it this way and therefor poorly implemented:

  1. No way to directly get fetch an Order by tracking number in the API, you need to do an OrderSearch
  2. Implemented as a meta fields, but still hardcoded as property in the PurchaseOrder class
  3. Fields can be removed (as meta fields usally can) with the result that order management blows up in your face
Sep 05, 2012 16:17

First thanks for the feedback, it is always good to hear from developers using the product.  I tend to agree with you that the purchase order number should be part of the ordergroup rather than the purchase order table.  I think the reason they did it the way the did is becasuse technically the field only belongs the Ptuchase Order.  SInce it is a meta field if someone remvoes it then it will break.

1.  We can ceertainly add a overload to get a purchase order by tracking number

2.  This is done to give easy access to the field.  This is done in other objects as well.

3. Should probably not be able to be removed.




Sep 06, 2012 20:43
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