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potientiel bug with MetaClasses and catalogsystem or by-design?



I have tried to find documentation regarding meta data plus 2 in regards to EPiServer commerce, but have found practically none, one single page at But that page does suggest that inheritance is possible.

My issue is this, i need a heirarchy of products so i get a BaseProduct that "inherits" from CatalogEntry and other products then derive from BaseProduct. The BaseProduct has around 60 MetaFields and the derived products adds additional metafields.


 BaseProduct inherits from CatalogNode



 DerivedProductOne inherits from BaseProduct


 DerivedProductTwo inherits from BaseProduct




In my world the DerivedProductOne metaclass should now have 3 fields, Field1, Field2 and Field3 and DerivedProductTwo should have 4 fields, Field1, Field2, Field4 and Field5.


I have created the MetaClasses like this (simplified) in code:

MetaClass catalogEntry = Mediachase.MetaDataPlus.Configurator.MetaClass.Load(metaDataContext, "CatalogEntry")

MetaClass base = Mediachase.MetaDataPlus.Configurator.MetaClass.Create(metaDataContext, "Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.User", "ProductBase", "ProductBase friendlyName", "CatalogEntryEx_ProductBase", catalogEntry, false, "ProductBase description");

//adding fields to base class

MetaClass derivedProductOne = Mediachase.MetaDataPlus.Configurator.MetaClass.Create(metaDataContext, "Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.User", "DerivedProductOne", "DerivedProductOne friendlyName", "ProductBase_DerivedProductOne", base, false, "DerivedProductOne description");

//adding specific fields to derivedProductOne

MetaClass derivedProductTwo = Mediachase.MetaDataPlus.Configurator.MetaClass.Create(metaDataContext, "Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.User", "DerivedProductTwo", "DerivedProductTwo friendlyName", "ProductBase_DerivedProductTwo", base, false, "DerivedProductTwo description");

//adding specific fields to derivedProductTwo

Now I would expect the following:
When i go into commerce manager i would expect to be able to create a new product variation based on the DerivedProductOne and DerivedProductTwo, but i cannot, the only thing i see in the metaclass dropdown is ProductBase. Bug?
When loading metaclasses through MetaClass.Load(..) for DerivedProductOne and DerivedProductTwo i only see 1 MetaField for DerivedProductOne and 2 MetaFields for DerivedProductTwo where i would exped DerivedProductOne to have 3 MetaFields and DerivedProductTwo to have 4 MetaFields, the Parent for both MetaClasses is ProductBase. Bug?
Jan 09, 2013 9:12
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