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AssetImporter - imported image is not visible in the catalog


Hi, I am trying to use AssetImport to upload and associate new image with one certain variation in commerce sample.

The Image is uploaded from my folder and I see it in the app blobs
but I don't see it in the Media and it is not associated with the variant.

I use following command:
AssetImporter.exe SampleAsset.csv ./Assets C:\EPiServer\EPiServer75Site\wwwroot -verbose

csv file is:

Variation Code,Image ID


link http://EPiServer75Site/episerver/CMS/Content/globalassets/en/catalogs/myimage.jpg" works.

But I also expected to find the image associated with "Tops-Tunics-CowlNeck-Black-ExtraLarge" and visible in the media. The variant with such code exists for sure.

Where I am wrong?


Jan 31, 2014 13:30

Hi Andrey, I'm sitting here wondering about the same question which you've asked.

The assets gets loaded just fine into the media catalog but the assets isn't being associated with the products/variations. I'm wondering if I need to run the AssetImporter with the -mappingonly flag afterwards. But even if I try, the tool crashes with an unhandled exception and I can't seem to figure out why.

Best regards

Edited, Apr 04, 2014 22:02


This is a known problem with AssetImporter, which we included a fix recently in the Commerce.UI nuget package. You can install latest EPiServer.Commerce nuget package and follow the instructions in readme.txt to get this fixed - The UpdateAssetTypes.aspx was intended to fix another bug but it'll resolve this as well.




Apr 04, 2014 22:42

Hi Quan, thank you for your swift reply!

I'll take a look at the update for Commerce.UI package :)

Apr 04, 2014 22:48


If you just want to associate existing images with entries, you can try this:

AssetImporter <mapping_asset_file> '' <commerce_core_site_path> -mappingonly -verbose > c:\log.txt

Or you want upload your images to CMS and associate with entries, use

 AssetImporter <mapping_asset_file> <asset_folder> <commerce_core_site_path> -verbose > c:\log.txt

If you got any issue, please send log file to me :)

Best regard.

//Son Do

Apr 07, 2014 11:58
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