Episerver Commerce with Find



I am using EPiserver Commerce 1 R2, EPiServer CMS 6 R2.

When the page published, deleted, or created, the EPiServer Find will index the page automatically. How do you achieve the EPiserver Find to index the page when the Commerce product catalog is updated?



Oct 08, 2014 16:14

For Commerce R2 (and IIRC, R3 included), there's no continuous index building, regardless of the search provider (Lucene, Solr, Find ...), you'll need to build index manually.

If you're using the Find API directly without the search provider, then I think it's possible. Commerce Manager will fire events everytime a product is updated. It's too long for me to remember correctly, but it will be the WCF service ProductEventService or something - you can hook up to the event and do the indexing.



Oct 08, 2014 16:25


The Commerce server is different to the development server. I have created the end point like below to add the event service.

      <endpoint name="eventSvcEndpoint" address="http://wkstn45:12345/Services/EventService.svc" binding="webHttpBinding" behaviorConfiguration="EventServiceEndpointBehavior" contract="EPiServer.Business.Commerce.IEventService" />

I have added the below to hook up the own catalog update event. However the events are not firing.


<!--<add type="Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Loggers.CatalogLogger, Mediachase.Commerce" />-->  <add type="KenwoodWorld.Web.Code.Commerce.CatalogInventoryDeleteHandler, KenwoodWorld.Web"></add> 


Do you have any idea? what will be the cause? I thought it is straight forward.



Oct 15, 2014 16:46
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