MinQuantity and TaxCategoryId keeps resetting itself


We have a problem on a site, where MinQuantity and TaxCategoryID seems to be reset to 0 once in a while for a small selection of products (different ones every time, of course). We're talking small amounts here; maybe 10-20 products over a month or two. But many of them are the currently available products, and this has caused notable issues for customers. Workflows crash, so purchases can't be completed. Yes, we could probably REMOVE this validation, but that would be a stupid solution to an annoyance like this.

We've just ended up SQL-ing our way out if it (updating them, SET MinQuantity = 1) as a temporary thing, hoping it would end at some point - but no.

I've double and triple checked everywhere in our own solution we do stuff to products programmatically, so I'm at least 98% sure it's not my own fault.

Anyone has any good insight in what are the different causes internally in Commerce that possibly can set this value to zero (or anything else than what we've set programmatically or via the GUI)?

Jan 20, 2015 18:23
Edited, Jan 20, 2015 18:28

Can't edit my original post, so here's some extra info:

Currently running Commerce 8.2.0 and CMS 7.15.

Have Googled with no success.

Both brand new and super old products are affected by this, so it doesn't seem to be any relation to how we treat the products ourselves

Jan 20, 2015 18:29
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