Hook to csv import


I have a CSV with some products that I want to improt. Lets assume the products are computers, and the csv looks something like this:

ProductName | Description                                            | Manufacturer | Details     |

Dell Laptop    | soome text... 3gb, 3.4Ghz ...some text... |  Dell              | blah blah |


The goal is to have a MetaClass called ComputerContent that will look something like this:






I need to be able to use a regex and some heuristics to get the RAM and ProcessorSpeed out of the Description field of the CSV and put them into the appropriate fields of the MetaClass.

So my question is: Is there a way i can hook to the built-in importing process or I need to build my own import tool? 

Oct 09, 2015 0:14

With assumption that you are on Commerce 9, There are many event where you could hook "Search for Catalog Events".

But I am wondering there can be more simple solution as creating a new csv file IN Excel, These rules can be added in Excel.



Oct 21, 2015 11:28
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