Resources for understanding Commerce


Hi, I have just attended the EPiServer CMS - Development Fundamentals course.

Now I have been tasked with creating a small example in EPiServer Commerce - where I must be able to buy 1 product with 2 vartiaons.

Since I will be using EPiServer Commerce version 9, I have downloaded the Quicksilver demo-site for inspiration.

My problem is that I have a hard time understanding the whole "price/basket/order" aspect of it.

I think that I have some basic understanding of how the catalog/product/variant system is.

My question is: Does anyone have a reference to a site or another thing were these subjects are explained in details? Maybe a site where a small example is shown?
My problem with the Quicksilver demo-site is that I can't see what the essential parts are for having a price/basket and so on, and what is "just for show" because it is a demo-site.

I would appreciate it if someone would take some time to enlighten me on these subjects since I am at a complete loss at the moment.

Dec 11, 2015 9:16

I would suggest you to attend our EPiServer Commerce development courses. All of your questions above can be answered there. It's otherwise hard and time-consuming to explain the entire concept of price/cart/purchase order. Don't get me wrong, it's huge topic and it took me a couple of months to be quite familiar with it.

Your best bet is to learn about it systematically.



Dec 11, 2015 13:33
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