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Strange editor UI behaviour after updating product with Service API


After updating a product with no versions via the Service API, when viewing the product in the UI all fields are empty, except the field(s) that was changed in the PUT request to /entries/{code}.

When the product has prior versions (and exists in table ecfVersion), everything works as expected.

I tried searching through the bug list, but couldn't find anything that seemed related.

Have anyone else experienced this, or have an idea of what I might be doing wrong?

Oct 12, 2021 11:32

Thats pretty old version almost 5+ years back. But I do remember seeing that issue once when was testing how Service API works, although I was not using rest API but was using zip file import from service API. But I was just trying to see how it works never really digged further on that. But with the new version we have been using with Commerce 13, we do not have any such issue.

~ Sujit

Oct 13, 2021 14:48

Thank you, Sujit! Yes, we are on a quite old version. 

It does seem like we were able to remove this unwanted behaviour by adding to test environment appsettings:

 <add key="DisableVersionSync" value="true" />

However, I haven't been able to fully understand what implications setting DisableVersionSync to true. 

What does this setting actually do?

Oct 20, 2021 15:01
Sujit Senapati - Oct 20, 2021 15:09
If DisableVersionSync is enabled related entries in the [ecfVersionProperty] are not updated when using the Catalog Import. Only the [CatalogContentProperty] table is updated. If you have batch content loader import implemented in your application you will see the Catalog UI for DisplayName not reflecting your field updates as Catalog UI uses ecfVersionProperty to render it.
Here is an article
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