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How to display Commerece Catalog Content on CMS Pages?


I'm new to EpiServer and EpiServer Commerce. For my learning purposes, I have created a catalog with products in it in commerce, and I'd like to display the tree or the products on a page in CMS. However, when I drag and drop the Catalog tree or any product from the "Assets Pane/Catalog" on the CMS page's Main Body, I encounter errors like these:

The 'RootContent' cannot be displayed.


The 'CatalogContent' cannot be  displayed.

Could you please let me know how I should use/display the catalog items in my website?

Apr 13, 2021 13:56

You can't just display the catalog tree out of the box. If you want to display a catalog content, your content needs a controller with an index action to handle that content type. I suspect you have no RootController and/or CatalogController in your project 

Apr 13, 2021 14:09

Would suggest you take the Episerver Commerce training. Else you're going to struggle if you're trying to implement commerce without it

Apr 13, 2021 14:28

I will suggest the Episerver Quicksilver sample project for the implementation of commerce-related functionality.

Apr 13, 2021 15:48
Scott Reed - Apr 13, 2021 15:51
That's good from an architecture and code point of view but it doesn't cover fundamentals of how to design and implement commerce. Really that's training or reading through all of the world documentation
Sanjay Kumar - Apr 13, 2021 16:01
Episerver commerce training course is available paid, if we don't have course access then we can recommend demo projects for understanding of commerce functionality.
Scott Reed - Apr 13, 2021 16:05
World is the first place to study, a reference implementation is just a solution. It may teach you about architecture and development but it's going to be looking at it from a bottom up approach. The first place to understand is the top down on how commerce fits in the eco system, how a catalog should be modelled. You need to have an understanding of the ecosystem and the high level before deep diving in to the code. For example routing and how the commerce catalog routes in to the CMS is going to be hard to understand from a bottom up approach. Training is 1st, Then World, Then reference solutions IMO
Sanjay Kumar - Apr 13, 2021 16:33
Agreed! Thanks,
Quan Mai - Apr 13, 2021 18:04
You can read books as well, wink wink
Sanjay Kumar - Apr 14, 2021 8:05
Sure :)
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