Multi lingual (English and Chinese) website requirements

Hi Folks, I have a client who wishes to have a website, primarily in English, but with select pages availble in Chinese as well. Q1 - Will EPiServer handle chinese text? The client is happy to provide the content in the two languages. I was thinking of rpoviding another tab on all templates we provide them for the chinese content... if provided the framework would grab chinese content if the end user had requested a chinese view. Q2 - Is this a good approach? Thanks Cameron (Australia)
Dec 06, 2005 5:42
Hi Cameron, One of the developers at EP, Mr Ruwen Jin, is from China. To my knowledge there is no problem with Chinese text but I will ask him to take a look. I know we have sites with Arabic, Thai and Japaneese content and I think Elektrolux has a Chinese intranet site. I will ask Ruwen to provide you with some sample pages. Best regards, Mikael Runhem, EP Research (
Dec 06, 2005 22:36
Hi, I have just create one page at It contains information about EPiServer in Chinese. As you can see since EPiServer use utf-8 it handle chinese text with no modification.
Dec 07, 2005 8:51
The search engine in EPiServer uses the individual words to build the search index. Ruwen explained that the Chinese language do not have any spaces between the signs, so there might be a problem using the built-in search engine in EPiServer... Does anyone know? /Mike
Dec 08, 2005 21:52
Oh! That's an interesting point. The client we are looking at this for already has a Verity K2 license which they use. Maybe this will be able to assist. I'll check with the client. By the way, in my original post I mentioned were looking at providing, on each template, the ability to enter a Chinese translation if the client wishes to. The idea being that if the end user consumer of the website want a Chinese translation we will serve them the Chinese content if it was provided, else they will get the English version. Does this make sense to do it this way? Difficult? Any hints or suggestions most welcome and appreciated! Cheers from Oz! Cameron
Dec 09, 2005 0:52
Hi, The multilingual approach with one master language (in your case Chinese) and one "fallback" language (English) is pretty common. We use it on our site. If you enter the page this page will be in English, since no translation to Norwegian is available and therefore the fallback language is shown. I am not a developer, but I know the multilanguage features has it challanges.. These functions will be modified in version 4.60, planned för spring 2006. Just a hint regarding the Verity Search engine: The Swedish Verity distributor Lemontree (contact: developing an integration module for EPiServer and Verity Ultraseek. I do not know if this module would work with K2 but you might mention this to your Verity people. Best regards, Mikael Runhem, EP
Dec 10, 2005 7:21
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