External user registration question?

This is probably a simple question, but I would just like to insure my self that I got it right! When external users registrers on the website they will end up in the same users lists in EPiServer administration tool as Webadmins and Webeditors, whish means I will have possibility to restrict a users access to a certain time frame (I'm able to put an end date on users).
Apr 12, 2005 11:01
I forgot the questionmark... "?"
Apr 12, 2005 11:02
Another question; I suppose you're able to add attributes to member registration page, will these attribute be shown as an member-attribute in administraion search-member list? Am I able to extract members from administration tool in some way? How would you solve it if you would like members to be forced to choose which "consumer group" (from drop-list) they are part of when they register on EPiServer site. I would then like to extract all registred members (to be able to make statistics of "consumer groups")? Any ideas? Regards, Tony
Apr 12, 2005 13:04
Still not any answers on these questions?
Feb 16, 2006 17:16
I'll give it a shot. 1. Yes, users registering on your site will appear in the EPiServer user list. They are called "Extranet users". You can even specify which group to add them to in the "Settings for Extranet users" admin page. 2. You can add more data to a user using the PersonalizedData class. Add the input fields to your register page. See UserSid and the PersonalizedData classes for more information. These "personal settings" are not exposed in any user interface by default, but you can create a SidSettingsArea plug-in that shows your values as a new tab in admin mode (for each user). Requires 4.50 or newer. You can also search the forum for more information on this topic, it has been discussed on several occasions. /Steve
Feb 17, 2006 12:00
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