HostUrl in Subscription mail

Hi. I'm trying to use different HostUrl's in the subscription mail. If the new item is published in English, it should use, and if it's published in Norwegian, it should use How can I go about this? Is there any "built-in" method, or do I have to create my own subscriptionandler? Thanks, Frank :)
Jun 14, 2005 8:15
Hi, if you use the mail provider "EPiServer standard format with Multilanguage support" since version 4.40, it is possible to set the Multilanguage page property "HostUrl" to a valid URI. Ex mailto:// for each language. In your case: HostUrl___NO = mailto:// and HostUrl___EN = mailto://
Jun 14, 2005 17:25
Hi, and thank you for feedback. I want the "Read more" link on the items in the mail to point its respective HostUrl. If the items in the mail is Norwegian, it should point to "", and if it's English items, it should point to I see through Roeder's Reflector the following statement in MultiLanguageSubscriptionMail.SendLanguage method: string text1 = (subscriptionPage["HostUrl"] != null) ? ((string) subscriptionPage["HostUrl"]) : base.Configuration.HostUrl; Does this property need be on the Subscription pagetype, or on the NewsPage (in my example above)? Thank you for any help on this issue. Frank :)
Jun 15, 2005 13:20
Or am I going about this the wrong way...?
Jun 16, 2005 16:50
The "Host URL" property is has to be set on the subscription page. The "Read more" link is not configurable; to get the links to different URLs you have to write your own subscription mail handler, MultiLanguageSubscription mail handler just add a EPsLang argument to the link.
Jun 17, 2005 17:18
Ok, thanks. The reason I'm looking into this, is that one of our customers is experiencing problems with the subscription module in their intallation (4.41). The site is set up to use both Norwegian and English. When a subscription mail is being sent to the subscribing user, all of the links in the mail is fetched from EPsLang, as you say. But when they encounter a page that has only been published in Norwegian, the come to the login screen. Shouldn't there be any logic here that says, f.ex. the url that it already has + epslanguage=NO ?
Jun 20, 2005 9:25
Hi again. I really could use some feedback on this from EP. I'm asking if the MultiLanguageSubscriptionMail you select in Admin, doesn't support publishing multilanguage pages in only 1 language? If it does, can you tell me if I have done anything wrong? I don't want to go all the way to write a new handler if it's already supported. Thank you for any assistance.
Jun 27, 2005 15:27
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