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I'm trying to use public string TranslateFallback(string key,string fallback) in my code but I can't seem to get it to work... string myHTML = TranslateFallback ( "/multilang/" + CurrentPage.Property["Lang1Code"].ToString(), CurrentPage.Property["Lang1Code"].ToString() ); Compiling error: "The name 'TranslateFallback' does not exist in the class or namespace 'diagnostics.dia_templates.Units.DiaLangMenu'" string myHTML = Translate ( "/multilang/" + CurrentPage.Property["Lang1Code"].ToString ); Works fine... Translate and TranslateFallback are in the same namespace: EPiServer.Core so I can't understand whats wrong?!... /Stefan
Sep 20, 2005 13:23
Your code is inside a user control (diagnostics.dia_templates.Units.DiaLangMenu) that inherits from UserControlBase. UserControlBase has a Translate method, but not a TranslateFallback method. You probably want to do this: EPiServer.Global.EPLang.TranslateFallback( "/multilang/" + CurrentPage["Lang1Code"].ToString(), CurrentPage["Lang1Code"].ToString() ); Btw, CurrentPage["Lang1Code"].ToString() will give you the string value of the property, while CurrentPage.Property["Lang1Code"].ToString() will give you the name of the property type (e.g. "PropertyString") /Steve
Sep 20, 2005 17:14
And if you want to use the full syntax: CurrentPage.Property["Lang1Code"].Value.ToString() will give you the value as a string, but an exception if there is no value saved for the property. /Steve
Sep 20, 2005 17:16
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