Banner Ads

Hi all, does EPi provide banner ad functionality or is there an add-on for it? many thanks, - Jon
May 03, 2006 18:19
Hi, Jon. As far as I know, EPi has no built-in or add-on functions for this. I have implemented this kind of functionality in one of our customer's solutions, and have solved this simply by using LongString properties as dynamic properties, and just pasting in the ad code from the banner program. Are you using a third party banner program, or are you developing your own solution? Frank :)
May 04, 2006 11:54
Hi Frank, We'll be using flash ads which will degrade to flat images for accessibility. The aim is for the admin to upload a flash movie, image and a link. The ad will then propergate down through each section. I'd like to keep the admin away from having to do any code to keep it as robust as possible. - Jon
May 04, 2006 12:05
Hi Jon, We have been thinking about developing a banner module for EPiServer, to facilitate easy banner management, statistics etc. Another reason is that we are working on a project that will allow information (such as banners) to automatically change due to who the user is (or more precisely what company the user belongs to). Anyone who have a wish list for a banner module for EPiServer? rgds, Mikael Runhem, EP Research
May 05, 2006 12:44
Well I've got a basic system working using dynamic properties. I have a bannerflash, bannerImage and banner link properties and you can set them to propergate down through the site. The only problem was setting a link in Flash from the admin, but I found a way around that by setting a unique link in the flash e.g. and then in the admin setting the "simple address for this page" to "9089df8j398j" to tie them together. It's a little rough but it degrades nicely and we have a external system monitoring the links for the reporting side. Hope that helps!
May 11, 2006 12:08
Accessibility is certainly an issue for us, support of flash and images and all the usual banner functions is a given. Jon
May 23, 2006 16:55
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