Integrating EPiserver with a CRM

Hi, I am starting a project where I will be integrating EPiServer 4.6 with a third party CRM or maybe two!!! Has anyone had to integrate EPiServer with a CRM? What path did you go down? What issues did you experience? Thanks in advance
May 03, 2006 16:44
Hi! We have done some pretty basic integration with SuperOffice which we use internally. This integration is used on to allow our administrator to automatically (or atleast semi-automatically) import registered EPiServer extranet users into the SuperOffice directory, potentially creating/updating companies/contacts as needed. The tool was built as an admin plugin and contains a list view of all users not already "synchronized" with SuperOffice a long with a form view of a selected users properties. What kind of integration are you aiming for? Regards, Johan Olofsson
May 04, 2006 14:18
Here is a short list of possible integration points: 1. Authentication, letting people authenticate on the site, against data in the CRM system. Ideal for extranets. 2. Edit my details. Allow a customer to change the details registered about her or the company she works for. 3. Connect data from (x)forms to data in your CRM system. 4. Log key statistics from the site in the CRM system. Log-on, form submits, downloads etc. Connected to person or company in the CRM system. Can give you valuable information about how your customers use the web. 5. Target content. Use customer status to target information on the web. Give VIP customers more information, or better deals. Off the top of my head... /Steve
May 04, 2006 15:07
Thanks for your response Johan. We are planning to integrate 2 CRM systems after all. One that is used primarily to manage contacts/customer details and one that is used to produce mail shots. Heopfully in the future the client will update their systems and purchase one CRM that has all the funnctionality they require. In the interim it looks likely that I will use EPiCircular to allow email marketing to be sent from within EPiServer and use DTS to extract/import the contacts data into the relevant contact management CRM. Wish me luck :-) See ya
May 05, 2006 12:54
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