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Login screen keeps showing up

I have created a new page type which works fine on our development server, but when I deploy it on the production server it doesn't work so good. If a page is created using the page type and viewed, the login screen shows up every time (even though I'm already logged in and using edit mode). Thus, the page cannot be viewed. What causes the login screen to appear? I know that it shows up if something on the page is not published, but that shouldn't happen in edit mode, right? Could it be an error that occurs in the page loading (eg., I missed something when deploying)? How can I find the error? I get no error message, just the login screen.
Jun 09, 2006 11:00
I had this the other day, you probably have content on that page which is sitting within a restricted area, which to access you have to log in. The cause of this for me was a link to an article which had been deleted and was sitting in the recycle bin, but as only admin can view the contents it was requesting the user to log in. Check your recycle bin for any obvious content that is still being referenced, or remove all page references from a page and see if that makes any difference.
Jun 14, 2006 17:11
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