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EPiStore only working with ugly URLs

Hi All I can't find much (barely any) documentation about integrating EPiStore... has anyone found any other than the little installation note white paper, and the general description of what it does? I'm trying to integrate it in a site that uses the "Use Web addresses that reflect the structure of the content for this Web site (/page1/page2)" method, and it doesn't seem built to cope. I end up with URLs like: http://localhost/aqualisa/epistore/desk-fan/itemlist.aspx?id=46 which I think is its attempt to return to http://localhost/aqualisa/epistore/desk-fan/ which is where the add to basket link was pressed. Anyone else implemented EPiStore and have any words of wisdom for me? Cheers, Dan
Aug 10, 2006 8:21
Hello Dan! We released EPiStore 2.1.1 about a week ago. EPiStore 2.1.1 is a minor release with templates that have been abjusted to fit in to a site built in EPiServer 4.6x templates. EPiStore 2.1.1 should work fine with friendly urls although some functions in EPiStore will create url:s built with id:s. The functions that use old style url:s (/templates/page.aspx?id=xx) are the right menu options for viewing your cart and old orders and drafts.
Sep 01, 2006 13:47
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