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Subscription run time

Hi, We want to send out newsletters every Monday at e.g. 6am in the morning. Currently the scheduler can be set to run every e.g. 5 minutes/hours etc. Is there a way to configure the scheduler to only execute on Mondays at a certain time ? (maybe an event that I can trap and set the "Next run time" programmatically to run on Mondays ?) Thanks Danie
Aug 21, 2006 16:35
Or, set it to run each day, at the correct time, and in the code you check if it is a monday. If not, you just exit. /Steve
Aug 21, 2006 17:14
Hi Steve, thanks for your answer. I thought of the same thing, but don't know where to write this check. The only place that I can think of to write this check is in the the "public void Send(PageData subscriptionPage,PageDataCollection changedPages)" function (SubscriptionPlugIn). But if I do this, then the subscriber will only get the most recent changes made since yesterday the function last executed instead of all the changes over the past 7 days (haven't tested it, so I might be wrong). Thanks, Danie
Aug 22, 2006 16:41
Ah, I thought you had your own newsletter implementation. You'll have to write a wrapper around the existing one (which you also have to disable in the scheduler.) Creating a new subscription handler might not be enough, as the search for changed pages is done outside the handler. Hm, tricky. /Steve
Aug 22, 2006 23:57
Hi, Maybe I just need to set the service to run every 7 days and set the "Next scheduled date" to 28 Aug 2006 (Monday) and then therefrom the service will execute every Monday. I think this should do the trick. Thanks! Danie
Aug 23, 2006 14:43
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