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Differents news list depending on access rights

Hello. I need a news list that publish the headlines different depending on what access rights the user has. Is this possible to do simple? I'm totally new at EPiServer (using version 4) I have 4 reginal groups, lets call them north, south, east and west. Also I have 6 company groups, we can call them extraSmall, small, medium, large, extraLarge, monopoly. A user is part of one of the reginal and the company groups. I.E. user Sven is part of north and extraSmall User Sarah is part of south and extraSmall user tom is part of east and large etcetc Now, lets say I have 5 differens news. First one is only interresting for users in extraSmall (company) second is only interresting for users in the east. and the last ones are interresting to every one. Also, if I would like to make the news public to all in the north as long as they are NOT part of the monopoly group, is that doable? Is there any ready functionallity for this or do I have to build it all from scratch by my self? With databases and everything? Would really appreciate some input here. =) Sincere /Ted
Oct 05, 2007 14:00
I assume that you want to use the "EPiServer way" of handling news on a site, i.e creating a new page for every news item and using the EPiServer news control to list the news. In that case I'm pretty sure that you can use filters when listing the news items to solve your problem. In the filter you can check what group the current user belongs to, and remove news items that shouldn't be shown. /Erik
Oct 18, 2007 12:22
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