Change template after a while...?

Hi! Can I change the template I use on a page after I've created it? For example if I use "Normal Page" and suddenly decide I needed to include files via the File Listing template. Sure, I can copy all the data into a new file listing page, but that's a source of errors (and tedious). I can not use the File Listing template as default since it demands a correct path when I create the page, which is something I may not know from the beginning. A temporary solution is to point to an empty folder, but that's not so pretty... Any ideas? Can I change the template afterwards? Best regards, /Jonas
Mar 16, 2007 9:44
Hi Jonas! What you are describing is actually changing the pagetype for a page, not changing the template. The pagetype is a collection of properties that can be instantiated into a page. The template is the file used to render the pagetype. Anyhoo, that's just boring semantics, on to the question! =) Unfortunately there is no API support for changing the pagetype of a page and the database operations reqiured to do that are quite hairy. I know that we long ago built a separate admin-plugin that could change a page's pagetype but I don't know the status of that plugin today. My guess is that it was built for a certain version of EPiServer and hasn't been updated since, i.e. it probably won't work in later versions of EPiServer. The support team should have more info on the plugin, so open a new support case with us if you like to know more about it. The most feasible (and tedious) solution to this problem is actually to create a new file listing page and then copy the existing information to it. /Erik Skagerlind
Mar 29, 2007 12:42
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