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The blog-functionality

I’m using the BlogPage and BlogStartPage from the EPiServer Sample Code in order to make a simple blog. To create a foundation I copied the code files, (in this case I just copied the entire blog-catalogue) and let all files keep the names they had except for the Blog.aspx and BlogStartPage.aspx files which I put the word “Intra” before. Then I corrected the source path to make it work in my project, and also copied the two page types in admin-mode making sure that they both use the new IntraBlogPage.aspx and IntraBlogStartPage.aspx instead of the files from the sample code – Just like I do with everything I intend to re-use or develop further. But this time I have encountered a very annoying thing when doing this. When creating a new blog through the function on the IntraBlogStartPage-page, I receive an error message. I’ve debugged it and realized that a blog-page (IntraBlogPage) is created, and when checking it in editor-mode the page is there. Somehow, when redirecting the user to that newly created blog-page, something has been messed up along the way, and somehow something is pointing to something in the BlogPage.aspx instead of my adapted copy of it. I can get it to work if I in admin-mode on the BlogPage and BlogStartPage page types change the name of the file to my IntraBlogPage.aspx and IntraBlogStartPage.aspx. It’s really weird! I have never had to do anything like this before, and can’t understand why it searches for something in the old files (I’ve removed them completely from my projects, so now I get a “404 – The resource cannot be found” instead if I don’t change the names of the files to my Intra…aspx for the original page types in admin-mode). I can’t help but wondering how this will work when I try to implement the blog on the customer’s webpage… Any ideas why it behaves like this? Is something hard-coded into the blog-code somewhere that I have overlooked, or what? Grateful for help!
Mar 19, 2007 15:20
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