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Publishing from Word with a Document Management system

Hi we have a customer with a document management system (80/20) that wishes to publish documents to their web site (EPi 4.6.1). The Office addin tool works fine for the most part, but it requires the document to be saved locally first. This is a problem as the users are not able to access and local drives and their desktop is a network drive. Even if they could be given permission to see the local drives, it is company policy to not allow this. Saving the file from the Document Manager to a network drive is possible, but the office addin explodes when we try this. So, my questions are: 1) Does saving to a network drive work for the office addin - has anyone else tried it? 2) Has anyone created a process for extracting documents from a document management system to EPiServer? 3) Is the Office addin in version 5 (v 1.5) any better/different? 4) Can we get the code for the office addin? Thanks muchly
Jul 04, 2007 21:08
Hi Peter! I have tried publishing a document thats been saved to a network drive, and it seems to work ok. What error message (if any) do you receive?? When in the process does the tool 'explode'? Regards, Johan Olofsson EPiServer AB
Jul 05, 2007 11:07
Hi I tried again on my workstation and yes, it does work from a network drive - it just deciced to fail on site when I was doing the demo to the customer :[ However, it did fail for me on the 2nd attempt. After successfully publishing I attempted to publish the same document again from the same word session. If I close/open Word between attempts it works fine. The error is a general Word exception, and as I dont have the source code for that :) I can't debug it, but it was something about "memory location could not be read". Thanks
Jul 05, 2007 20:53
Heya, I'm working for the company that Peters is dealing with at the moment. I'm also working through a few prototypes related to the document management system. One of the requests I have received is for a synchronization system between episerver and the 80/20 product. So if a document gets updated by someone it can be pushed through without user interaction with episerver. Basically they are after the highest level of automation I can generate. Heres what I'm trying to do at the moment: 1) Retrieve Document from the document management store 2) Convert the document to HTML ( I can get to this point using the API from MS Office and the 80/20 product) 3) Clean the HTML for the web 4) Publish the Document to episerver Current I'm trying to play with the com objects (I'm just poking around for objects on my dev machine) such as EPiOfficeIntegration to achieve this but if there is any documentation for these objects available would it be possible to get hold of them (either to myself or to Peter)? Am I even on the right track for how the office plug in works ? Cheers Roy
Jul 06, 2007 1:27
Ive given up on using the office plug in for the mean time and am now using a handy example I found here: (which processes HTML to XHTML, cleaning out the word garbage). And I'm now playing around with using the DataFactory webservice to publish the document back to EPiServer. To convert the document from word to HTML I'm using the MS office API, instructions can be found here: Hope that helps anyone else in the same boat.
Jul 06, 2007 4:45
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