Pagelink as an image?

Hi. I'm sure there is some easy solution to this, but I can't find it. I have a pagelist control that must display a clickable image as it's link. At the same time, it must handle different targets for the pages (ie some of the links must open in a separate window) This code (naturally) has the right functionality: > while this code render the link as it is supposed, but does not (naturally) handle the target imformation from epi: > <%# container.currentpage["someimageproperty"] %>So... how do I combine the functionality of these two?
Mar 12, 2008 10:53
Add the PageTargetFrame property. <?xml:namespace prefix = episerver/><episerver:pagelist runat="server" pagelink="<%#CurrentPage.PageLink%">> <ITEMTEMPLATE><A href="<%# Container.CurrentPage.LinkURL %>" target="<%# Container.CurrentPage[" orgurl="<%# Container.CurrentPage.LinkURL %>" pagetargetframe="] %>"><![CDATA[<%# Container.CurrentPage["SomeImageProperty"] %>]]></A> </ITEMTEMPLATE></episerver:pagelist>/Steve
Mar 14, 2008 21:07
Thanks! I knew it was simple, but I just could not find the right property.
Mar 17, 2008 10:20

I have a question about the Container.CurrentPage.LinkURL value. Will this value be handled by the FriendyUrlRewriteProvider?  If this is the case, how come?  Will this happen because the LinkURL is used inside a PageList that's being databinded?

Regards / Christoffer

Mar 28, 2008 15:38

The LinkURL renders the friendly url by itself in v4. In v5, this is handled by EPiServer in the page.Filter event, where all urls will be "friendlyfied" :-)


Mar 29, 2008 13:58
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