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checkbox in a repeater

I've got a problem with checkboxes in a repeater. The page got four repeaters that lists out links to different pages. This is done in Page_Load. The problem occur when I put checkboxes after each line in the list. When I choose one of them and press a button that I've made to print out the content of the page the link reffers to, the checkbox lose it's state and nothing happens. In the Page_Load I call InitRepeaters(); protected void InitRepeaters() { if (BIArr.Count > 0){ BIRepeater.DataSource = BIArr; BIRepeater.DataBind(); } else{ this.Visible = false; } } The Databind in InitRepeaters is the only one in the codebehind. This is what I want to happen when I press the Print-button: protected void printReports_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { CheckBox cb; foreach(RepeaterItem item in BIRepeater.Items) { Control c = item.FindControl("ReportToPrint"); cb = (CheckBox)c; if(cb.Checked) { HtmlInputHidden hih =(HtmlInputHidden)item.FindControl("ReportID"); int repid = Convert.ToInt32( hih.Value); string rid = repid.ToString(); Page.RegisterStartupScript("myScript",""); } } } I've tried with this in Page_Load: if (!Page.IsPostBack) { InitRepeaters(); } But when I press the Print-button the print-function still don't work and the repeater-list disappear and the page is blank. I'm working on EPiServer v4.51 and with .Net 1.1 Someone who can help me? Sigrid
Mar 10, 2008 17:45
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