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Sort Order Alphabetical not working in properly



We have implemented 3 sites in Epi server in different languages. We are having a set of nodes which are common for these three sites. So we implemented these common one's as a separate collection (node) and when there is a change in this collection it will get reflects in the 3 sites.

We sorted these collection in Alphabetical (in Sort Order option of Advaced Information Tab). But this sorted conditon is applying at only one language level. In other two its not working.

Can you please suggest betther solution or tell me where I am going wrong

Thanks in advance.



Jan 07, 2010 16:31

I think the sort order property for a page is a standard property that is for the "master" language. This sorts the pages in the page three. You could also sort the pages for displaying to end users in a pagelist or something like that... many of the episerver webcontrols have a sortOrder property that you can set. This will sort the pages based on the pagename that the page has in the current language


hope this helps



Edited, Jan 08, 2010 14:27

Also, some of the EPiServer webcontrols (like NewsList) seem to have a default sorting that overrides the SortBy setting set by the user in the Advanced tab. To force a control to use the user's SortBy setting, try something like this:

myNewsList.SortOrder = (EPiServer.Filters.FilterSortOrder)Enum.Parse(typeof(EPiServer.Filters.FilterSortOrder), CurrentPage["PageChildOrderRule"].ToString());

(PageChildOrderRule is the built-in property that contains the user's SortBy setting from the Advanced tab)

Jan 08, 2010 23:33


Could you provide some more information about what version of EPiServer you are having this problem in and how the pages with common information are set ut (for instance, are they defined in one language and you use replacement/fallback language to make them available for the other languages)? My guess is that this is a bug/changed behaviour that have been introduced in EPiServer CMS R2 with the implementation of page providers and paging in the providers.

Linus Ekström
EPiServer Development Team

Jan 11, 2010 14:50

Thank you Arild, your input was a big help!

Sep 07, 2011 10:36
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