It it possible to have separate project with EPiServer API


Hi all,

I have a fully functional website. My intention is to use a separate project with WCF services which get data from the website's database and will run in another process.
Is it possbile to use the API which EPiServer provides in the WCF project to get this data? Should I put the services in the website instead? Will it be a performance problem for the website if it contains WCF services which are accessed a lot by another website?

Aug 08, 2012 16:02

Without knowing the details behind this, I think the best approach is to start simple.

You can create a seperate WCF project for your services and host through your EPiServer website.

Can you give more details of what your services are going to be doing in the system? which parts or data through the API are you intendeding to access?



Aug 22, 2012 10:04

Hi, I'm planning to read data from the EPiServer Community API and show this data on another website (website - 2) in a separate box. I don't want to expose my current website (website 1) to the performance overhead which can occure when calling the wcf services. Also I don't want these services to be accessible outside the internal server network.

This is what I want to do: Website1 is a fully functional website. If possible there will be another ServicesWebsite which will use the EPiServer Community API to read data from the Website1's database. This ServicesWebsite will have security check, probably by IP and will be accessible only in the internal network. The second website - Website2 which is also a fully functional website will access the ServicesWebsite and show the data in a box, listing etc... Only Website1 and Website2 have valid EPiServer licenses. ServicesWebsite will not have a license and will only expose WCF services. Is it possible to have such scenario?

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