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Advice on user import from another CMS


I have been scouring the web on best practices regarding user import from another CMS to the EPiServer platform and could not come up with anything concrete, so I would love to start a dialog with you other EPiGurus out there.  How do you approach this issue when developing your EPiServer sites?  Oftentimes we'll have a couple hundred users with passwords encrypted in another CMS.  Since there is no way to get these as plain text to then pump into EPi via EPi's API's, the path to import is very fuzzy.  The immediate options I see are:

  1. Port over nothing.  All users start fresh.
  2. Port over usernames, but not passwords.  Have a prompt on login or send out an email with randomly generated passwords for each user when the site goes live.
  3. Make a custom provider and authenticate against the old CMS's database.

1&2 are less than ideal since both would be confusing to end user's who don't care that the client changed their CMS.  Option three sounds good, but I am curious if this reliance on the old CMS's authentication mechanisms violates best practices.

Are there any other options I am missing?

Jan 22, 2014 16:16

I agree that the three options you listed are the most common (and achievable).

But there's also an option which is actually a mix of all of the above.
Picture this:

1. You extract a list of the usernames and emails from the old CMS, but you don't import any users into your new CMS yet.

2. At the login, all users are met with a prompt similar to a "forgot password" function. 
After typing their email address (or username), you check that the input exists in the list you exported from the old CMS. If yes, you create a new (deactivated) user account for them. You generate a random password (optionally an activation link) and send it to the corresponding email from the old list.

3. User checks his email and uses the generated password (or activation link) to verify his first-time login. At this point, the user account is activated. (Optionally, allow the user to change his password right away.)

PROS to this approach:
- By purging the user table and requiring users to re-verify, you get rid of abandoned accounts from the old site
- You won't have to maintain a legacy database or authentication mechanisms
- Account security is increased (in theory) as all users are in fact forced to change passwords

CONS to this approach:
- All users have to re-verify (and optionally change to a preferred password), which is a minor annoyance for them
- Your communication regarding the need to re-verify needs to be crystal clear to avoid confusion (or fears of attempted phishing).

Edited, Jan 23, 2014 0:08

There's an old blog post describing a very similar scenario - moving from 4.x to 5 (where EPiServer changed their authentication mechanism, rendering old user accounts non-migratable).

Jan 23, 2014 0:14
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