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Sharepoint Connector Fails; No logging to be found...


I'm trying to get the Sharepoint connector working.  The VPP part works fine, but when I try to push content into the CMS with the "Resend Content" button, I get this:

Unknown exception.
Please enable logging and review the error log for details

Additionally, the "Test Connection" button from the config screen fails with:

Connection to EPiServer CMS failed. Check your settings above and/or the configuration in EPiServer CMS.

I have enabled logging via the blog post on World, and even turned on diagnostic logging for Sharepoint. There's nothing of note.

On the EPiServer side, the log is simply empty. Additionally, I've watched with Fiddler, and I don't think Sharepoint is even making the request.

Any ideas of how I might produce a log message telling me what the error is?

Mar 06, 2014 0:34

In the troubleshooting guide, it talks about "EPiServer.VirtualPathWssProvider.dll" being in the /bin of the target website.

I don't see this anywhere.  Do I need to put it there, of is it installed there?

Mar 06, 2014 4:02

Hi Deane,

What version of SharePoint and what version of CMS are we talking about here?

Mar 06, 2014 8:59

Here you can find details about enabling logging on SharePoint and CMS side when using connector:

VPP must be installed and valid Connect for Sharepoint license must be deployed on CMS side in order to enable pushing SharePoint content through content channels.



Mar 06, 2014 9:17

Marcus:2013 and 7.0

Dmytro: I followed that blo post and couldn't get any logging on the Sharepoint side. No errors, but it didn't generate a log.  In the "troubleshooting" article on the Sharepoint Connect doc, it said to just copy EPiServerLog.config from the CMS project into the SP project, which I did.  I then got a log in the Sharepoint project at App_Data/EPiServerLog.txt, but it was empty.

One problem I have found: the CMS project does not have EPiServer.VirtualPathWssProvider.dll in it, and I can't seem to find this DLL anywhere.  Where is it, and how should it have been installed in the CMS project?

Mar 06, 2014 9:31

EPiServer.VirtualPathWssProvider.dll is VPP implementation and it is the part of Connect for SharePoint module.

The easiest way to install it is using Deployment Center, please see the following section in installation guide: Installing the Connect for SharePoint Module on EPiServer CMS

Also additional configuration is required for content channel web service: Configuring the Web Services Authentication

Regarding logging on SharePoint side: try to configure logging in EPiServerLog.config file and make sure that SharePoint application pool identity can write to site root directory. Please see the last section here

Mar 06, 2014 9:58

I solved it...softof.  It was a permissions problem.  I feel like I had the right permissions set, but when I blew them all open -- set "Everyone" in Permissions for Functions and "allow users="*" -- in the web.config, it started working.

This isn't a real solution, since this is very insecure, but for the purposes of my demo, it will work.

Mar 06, 2014 15:46
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