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What is the best approach of adding tinymce plugin to EPi Server 8


I have implemented a custom tinymce plugin and before epi server upgradation and it work fine. (In episever 7.5)

After the upgrade in edit mood when i load the editor it says

"Failed to load: /util/Editor/tinymce/plugins/accordion/editor_plugin.js?moduleArea=Util".

In other inbuilt plugins are working fine.Only manual implemented plugin arise this 404 error.

Then i found that in EPi Server 8 there is a zip file which include the tinymce resources.

So  i tried to add my newly created plugin to the "" file in Modules->_protected->CMS (Unziped and add the plugin folder and zip again and replace)

After adding to that zip file it works fine.

So i need to know the best apprach to add a tinymce plugin to the epi server.

Is the best solution , updating the "" file ?

Aug 18, 2015 13:19


I think that "_protected" folder should not be touched as well as zip file inside. It could be overriden after you upgrade EPiServer to newer version.

Did you tried to create a directory structure in your solution:

/util/Editor/tinymce/plugins/[your plugin name]/

inside this directory there should be two main files editor_plugin.js and editor_plugin_src.js (the ...._src is use as a debug version, but I'm not sure).

And then you create and editor class with attribute that describes your new plugin:

[TinyMCEPluginNonVisual(PlugInName = "[your plugin name]")]
public class MyCustomPlugin

The "[your plugin name]" should be the same in directory structure and in the attribute.

Maybe try with some very simple plugin and check if it's added to your Tinymce editor.

Aug 18, 2015 13:41

I have tried several times it but didn't work.Also in epi server 8 tinymnce resources file moved to that zip file. 

Aug 19, 2015 6:03

Any updates on this? I can see the button in admin but it never appears in edit-mode.

Apr 28, 2016 13:40
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