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How should I store this data - maybe Property List? Ideas Please


I am currently intergrating Episerver with an API.

Its pretty simple, I post a form from my Episerver website, and the form data gets sent to the API and is processed by some other system.

I have already made a hardcoded HTML form and got the form posting to my API with no problems. - So I have got that bit to work.

Now what I need to do, is create managment functiality for the form it self.....


A user can create a form.
One of the fields in the form needs to have a drop downlist with a dyamic list of values (configured in episerver).
The rest of the fields that appear on the form (just strings) are determined by what the user selects from the drop downlist.

(there is a fixed list of fields that could be on the form) I need to store this list somewhere in episerver.

I need for someone to be able to log on to episerver, create a new "API Form Block" enter a list of items for the drop downlist, and then for each item in that list, select from a fixed number of form fields to be assosiatited with that drop down list item.

I appriciate that there are many parts to this question, and I understand I will need to write some front end code to show/hide the correct fields based on the dropdown selection, im not asking for advice about how to do any of that.

The main thing I want suggestions on, is what features of episerver can help me to store the data structure Required, I have started looking at the PopertyList but not to sure if this is the correct approach, how could I assosiate a row in a Propertylist with Sevral rows in another PropertyList? 

This is my first EPI server project, so I'm hoping there might be something I don't know about in episerver which will make this task easy.

Ideas please........? 


I have started trying to implement this using a Property List. I know how to create a basic property list, but is it possible to have a selection of check boxes in a property list? Something like this:

Edited, Apr 18, 2018 16:28

Hi Ayo,

Yes, you should be able to add a set of checkboxes to an item in a property list by creating a SelectionFactory which returns your checkbox list items then using the [SelectMany] attribute on your checkbox list property. You can read more about it here:

Apr 18, 2018 19:58
Angel Velazquez - Nov 09, 2022 15:17
Hi Paul, I have a pretty similar query regarding this Property List / Collection Editor Descriptor
You can find it below

I have a query using this PropertyList / CollectionEditor:

Currently I am trying to find out a way to customize a PropertyList in EPiServer to embed some hyperlinks components (incluiding their Radio buttons), something pretty similar on how the Editor Descriptor does.

For instance, this is an example of how our current PropertyList (typeof CollectionEditorDescriptor) looks like in my CMS:

And what I am trying to figure out / achieve is something like this (look at the following screenshot, which is a customized Editor Descriptor dialog box):

I want to find a way to embed those three fields into CollectionEditorDescriptor (PropertyList’s) Edit dialog box rather the original ones that appear in the first screenshot, and also keep the radio buttons logic, in order to allow users to select only one of them, cause according to our logic, only one asset should be shown for the end user and sometimes CMS' editors use to make a mistake selecting two (or even more) assets at the same time...

Is there a way to it will be possible?

Nov 09, 2022 15:15
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