Vulnerability in EPiServer.Forms

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FileUpload form element: Hide file from search results?


Hello all,

We have forms that use a FileUpload form element, with a link sent via email.  The uploaded files are linked to a /contentassets/../uploaded-files/ folder.  It makes sense that these files are findable in our site search, but that is not desirable for us.

Question: how do I exclude these uploaded files from search?  How do I identify this type of search result?  My experience is limited with Opti's search in general, plus the custom code I inherited.  

Thanks, Kevin

Nov 08, 2023 16:49

Would you like to not index the files, or just not want the files to be shown in the public search results ?

are you using Find (Search & Navigation)

Nov 08, 2023 17:01

Thanks Quan.  Yes, we are using Search & Nav.

I can't think of why any of our uploaded files need to be indexed, but either way should achieve the immediate goal.

Nov 08, 2023 17:13

You can add a convention to prevent those files from being indexed. P/s you should update to latest version of Form if you haven't already

Nov 08, 2023 18:58

Adding a convention is one thing I was looking at, but how do I target files specifically uploaded via the FileUpload element?

Re: EPiServer.Forms, I am on the latest

Nov 08, 2023 20:06

A quick way to do it - not bulletproof but probably good enough, is check a file of type IContentMedia if it belongs to folder named EPiServer.Forms.Constants.FileUploadFolderName before indexing 

Nov 09, 2023 7:21

Quan, I'm making a guess you are referring to something like:

ContentIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<IContentMedia>().ShouldIndex(x => x.???)

If so, how would I check for it's containing folder?

If not, can you share more info on how to do this?

Nov 09, 2023 14:06

Yes, you can get its parent, something like this (pseudo code of course) 

x =>  {

var parent = _contentRepo.Get<ContentFolder>(x.ParentLink);

if (parent.Name == EPiServer.Forms.Constants.FileUploadFolderName) { return false ; }

return true;


Nov 09, 2023 14:13
Kevin Gainey - Nov 09, 2023 18:07
Thanks Quan! This solution works and is plenty good enough for what we need.

I'll try this.  I'll add this to our SearchInitialization module, which I assume is used during indexing.  I am wondering though... could this approach have a significant impact on performance of indexing?  I suppose I needn't be too concerned about the overnight job, but wanted to check.

Nov 09, 2023 14:37

it depends on how many files you have - and under how many folders. if you have many files but only a few folders it would not take a lot of time (Get<T> is cached )

Nov 09, 2023 15:12
Kevin Gainey - Nov 09, 2023 18:06
In a quick test, it was only about 10% longer. No big deal

If we take a step back, this should not happen. Can you please reach out to support at, refer to this thread and cc me (quan.mai [at] ) ? we are interested in looking into this. thank you

Nov 10, 2023 9:48
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