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Graph - schema update


I am experimenting using Graph QL.

I am adding new properties to a given block type, but I am finding that I have to run the "Content Graph content synchronization" job before the schema is updated on the Graph database.
I can update existing fields and that content is synced, but the new fields cannot be queried until I run the job.

is this expected behaviour, or is there something else I need to do to allow schema updates without the full resync?

Aug 02, 2023 10:59

It should sync content type changes automatically:

As a first step, I would review the setup instructions, and make sure it's fully configured (including the Content Delivery API setup):

Aug 02, 2023 16:33

Thanks for the reply Daniel.

I've setup as per the documentation (I had missed off the "Include" section). However, it's still not syncing newly created fields.

If I add a property to an existing Content (block) type or create a completely new one, it won't appear in the graph until I do a full sync.
I am creating/updating the block content each time.

My config is as follows:

  "Optimizely": {
    "ContentGraph": {
      "ContentVersionSyncMode": "PublishedOnly",
      "SyncReferencingContents": "true",
      "Include": {
        "ContentIds": [],
        "ContentTypes": []
      "OnlySyncContentTypesInWhitelistToSchema": false,
      "GatewayAddress": "",
      "AppKey": "b...W",
      "Secret": "g..B",
      "SingleKey": "H..M",
      "AllowSendingLog": "true"

And code in Startup.cs:

        services.ConfigureContentApiOptions(o =>
            o.IncludeInternalContentRoots = true;
            o.IncludeSiteHosts = true;
            o.EnablePreviewFeatures = true;
Aug 03, 2023 7:26
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