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Translating an exsiting English site to Quebec french that wasn't set up CultureSpecific.


Before I was with my org we had an agency take our existing USA site and re-work it to work for Canada. Unfortunately, they didn't set anything up as CultureSpecific and I think that is a big factor that has led to the budget and timeline doubling. I am .NET developer and new to Optimizely so this is my first real project, that being making this Canada site work for French visitors in Quebec. Initially, I set up a separate .NET 7 application that uses DeepL's API and has a UI to use all the translation features they offer. I was kind of just playing around to see what I could come up with and didn't really base it around Optimizely specifically but my thinking was initially I could do some sort of batch translation to loop through our 7500 products and translate those and store them in the database. All the CMS stuff could be done manually since there is much less content and we could do that ourselves in much less time. Then, configure whatever settings in Optimizely to recognize the translated data that is in the database (if that makes sense).

If the process sounds backwards, it's because I didn't plan solely around the actual Optimizely function I'm posting about and it was more of a fun pet project the whole time for our company to use. The documentation I've found is very limited, especially for someone new to the platform ( I need more information, can anybody help me with this and let me know wtf to do? Thank you so much! I really want to leverage at least some of the work and functionality I've built in, as automated as possible. 

Aug 23, 2023 15:44

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the Optimizely Community, and also for your first project in Optimizely (I hope I read that right).

I have worked with a similar approach to the one you described above. In the projct I was working upon we had around 10,000 products, 100,000 variants, 5 langauges and we batch translated the content using Azure Cognitive Services (this is irrelevant however Optimizely has a plugin you can use to translate content at time of editing see documentation here for how to use).

I suppose the question I have for you is what specifically are you needing help with?

If you are struggling with logic it would be best to first sit down and think about the processes you need to take to achieve your desired results an example could be:

  1. Create scheduled job to begin the batch proessing.
  2. Retrieve products
  3. Loop over products and send to translation service for translation.
  4. Retrieve translation and create a langauge version of the content.
  5. Save the translated version.

Please note this is not perfect however should give you guidance, if you are looking specific code to create the langauge versions. Let me know and I see if I can find something and do a quick draft.



Edited, Aug 24, 2023 8:01
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