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Building headless website using content and commerce delivery APIs


We are thinking of the best architecture to build our website using Optimizely and Headless might seem compelling but we feel it is risky, and we couldn't find any website fully headless built 

on top of Optimizely.

My question is what are the complexities and difficulties we might face along head building headless website with Optimizely

Feb 29, 2024 6:38
Eric Herlitz - Feb 29, 2024 8:37
I've build several headless implementations with Opti CMS. This is however a very complex question, do you mind breaking it down a bit?
* What frontend framework will you use
* How is Opti hosted? DXP/OnPrem/Azure?
* Will you host the frontend in the same webapp as the CMS?
Fahmawi - Feb 29, 2024 8:42
I really appreciate your fast response.

What frontend framework will you use?


How is Opti hosted? DXP/OnPrem/Azure?


Will you host the frontend in the same webapp as the CMS?

the frontend will be totally separate app from the dxp backend (fully headless)

Its worth noting that we will build the commerce as well and we will need to support other features (AB testing, personalization, recommendation, feature toggling, ...etc)

I would appreciate if I get your answer ASAP

Hello, I lean towards using ReactJs because ReactJS.NET supports it, simplifying the development process significantly. This allows both the front and back end to be hosted on DXP or any other platform of your choice, depending on your hosting preferences.

Mar 04, 2024 13:17
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