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Json serialization error when saving block with enum property and integer backing type



We have recently upgraded from CMS 11 to 12.

We're getting serialization error when trying to save a block containing an enum.

The backing type is integer.

The easy fix is adding preferredUiJsonSerializerType="Newtonsoft" to module.config.

But the question is: how would a fix this using the Core built-in serializer? I have tried adding a converter in JsonOptions, as a converter and as a converter factory, as well as a service. But the converter is never called? Obviously without the above change to module.config, or set to "Net".

Edited, Mar 20, 2024 14:21

Can you share the class defintion for SectionBackground for context?

Possibly a type conversion issue if the enum was originally serialized as a JSON string.

Trying enabling the behaviour in the .NET Core serializer -

 .AddJsonOptions(o => o.JsonSerializerOptions.NumberHandling = JsonNumberHandling.AllowReadingFromString);
Mar 21, 2024 2:46

Added the definition in the original post (at the top). It's just a simple enum with two values (None/0, Filled/1).

Changing the option didn't help.

Another thing i forgot to mention: it works when setting the enum field to Filled/1. If set to None/0, it errors. Is it some wierd null-handling/default-value issue?

This is where it errors out, even before I changed the option:

Either the option is on by default or it's ignoring these options at this stage in the UI (it looks like they're adding a bunch of their own converters as services in AddCmsUI()?)

Edited, Mar 21, 2024 8:01

What does your editor descriptor do? Enums should work OOTB, no need for custom serialization or editor descriptors.

Mar 21, 2024 8:55

Much of this is orignially developed by various agencies over the years, from CMS 6 and on.

But I guess it is there to get a proper selection editor?

If I remove the attribute I get a regular numeric textbox (+/-).

Mar 21, 2024 10:10

Likely some custom code which is causing this weird behaviour.

Try changing the code where it errors to use the TryGetInt32 method instead and return default value of 0 if the method returns false. As you say if it only fails when set to None (0), this may be the quickest fix.

Mar 21, 2024 21:56

Sorry I wasn't clear, but that bit of code is part of System.Text.Json.Serialization.Converters.Int32Converter, so a bit hard to change. :-)

But I think I have found why this is happening.

It seems the custom enum SelectionFactory renders the options in a somewhat hacky fashion.
As in, if the first value has the name "None", it gets an empty string value.

I guess the Newtonsoft variant just assigns it the default value either way.

Mar 22, 2024 8:26
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