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Can’t view some multi-language pages after upgrading to 4.40

After upgrading from 4.31 to 4.40 I’m having trouble with viewing some multi-language pages. When I visit one of the pages this error occurred: [ArgumentException: Culture name -- is not supported. Parameter name: name] The thing is I can’t get hold of the children pages in edit mode. The structure tree won’t extract. And when I’m trying to edit a child page in edit mode (DOPE works fine) the same error occur in the navigation tree. I have tried to clear the cache, check for alphabetic sort order is not selected under the common tab, saved the both languages. But the problem is still there. This problem must be related to a new way 4.40 handle multi-language pages, but some similar pages (as far as I can see) works fine. Any idea/help would be appreciated. Thanks Örjan Johansson
Jan 11, 2005 11:20
We're experiencing the same problem at our site. Very irritating since it is not possible to expand the pagebrowser at some nodes. We really need some help with this one!
Jan 11, 2005 13:11
Hello! This is a known bug that is planned to be solved in EPiServer 4.41 that is going to be released in a couple of weeks. The following has to be true for this to appear: The page has to be a multi language page. The pages children is loaded with a language that is not published on the page. The page lists its children with alphabetic order. The latest published version of the page is common. If you need further assistance to solve this problem, please contact our support at
Jan 12, 2005 9:40
Hi. After consulting with Support on this matter before Christmas , I've come up with a "simple" way to deal with this bug until next release (4.41): 1. Run the following query on tblPage: "SELECT * FROM tblPage WHERE Name = 'Common' 2. For each page in the result, look up the page in Edit mode with the pkID (use the Search field in the bottom left. The page should come up in right EditPanel) 3. Open the Common tab, and click "Save and Publish". 4. Open a language tab (any one of them), and make a minor change in a string field (this is probably not necessary), then click "Save and Publish" 5. Run the query on the table again, and verify that the recently edited page no longer shows up in the result. Repeat these steps for all pages in the query result. If this doesn't help, you probably also need to set a different sort-index (PeerOrder in tblPage) on the some pages. However, this has not been necessary for me. Frank :)
Jan 12, 2005 14:07
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