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å, ä, ö sometimes displayed strangely

Hello, Two times in the last few days I have experienced and heard of a problem with displaying å, ä, ö. The characters are displayed as a combination of two other characters. If I refresh the page å, ö and ö will be displayed normally again. Does anybody know the reason for this and what to do about it? Both times an Internet Explorer 6 was used. Thank you.
Feb 16, 2005 13:06
Looks like an encoding problem. By default, on EPiServer sites, pages are encoded using utf-8 (you can see the setting in web.config and in defaultframework.) To see something similiar, in IE, select the View menu, Encoding and chose Western European. If you do this on this page, the heading should change to show strange characters instead of the Swedish ones. Most times, this indicates that the server sends the page in one encoding (), but the HTML in the page tells IE to use another encoding. Additionally, the user can override this on the View menu (no Auto Select). /Steve
Feb 16, 2005 14:08
Thank you very much Steve for your explanation! But is it not strange that it dissapears after a reload of the page without changing of any settings in the browser? Could it be that episerver sometimes generates non-utf8 encoded pages? Do you or anybody else have any explanation for the random behaviour?
Feb 16, 2005 15:32
I have experienced this problem too. Even with auto-select enabled sometimes I see that IE has changed it to Western European etc. Changing it back to auto-select fixes it. Doesnt happen very often so Ive not been able to explore it...or explain it :(
Feb 17, 2005 9:54
This is a common problem with Internet Explorer. Some people have solved the problem by using the tip in section (10) at the bottom of this page:;en-us;283807 The page describes how to solve a problem with pictures not showing, but it is the same code page problem in the end.
Mar 15, 2005 13:18
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