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Creating pages programmatically

hi I'm trying to create pages in episerver in a code segment EPiServer.Core.PageData newPage = Global.EPDataFactory.GetDefaultPageData(myParentPage, myPageTypeName); PropertyData pageProp; for (int i = 0; i < myProperties.Count; i++) { pageProp = (PropertyData) myProperties[i]; if (newPage.Property.Exists (pageProp.Name)) { newPage.Property[pageProp.Name].Value = pageProp.Value; } } newPage.LanguageID = "SE"; EPiServer.Global.EPDataFactory.Save (newPage, EPiServer.DataAccess.SaveAction.Save) I'm using multilanguage and when I save the I get three versions of it one in common, one in swedish and one in english. It works when there are no language properties on the page. Is it a bug or have I made something wrong? help please regs //Stefan
Sep 21, 2005 16:03
Hi Stefan! I would guess that this is not a bug but instead a feature introduced in the 4.50 release that is also included in your hotfix. The multi language runtime will check the page when saved and split in into several versions if necessary. This faq explains more about this:
Sep 22, 2005 12:12
hi Thanks, but the example explains how to change an already existing page what I wanted to do was to create a page from scratch, but I think I've figured that one out by doing a quicksave before adding values to the properties on the page, see another question by me ;). regs //Stefan
Nov 03, 2005 17:07
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