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I tried this code from the sdk. protected void dubugprop() { DynamicPropertyCollection props = DynamicProperty.ListForPage(CurrentPage.PageLink); foreach(DynamicProperty prop in props) { Response.Write("Property " + prop.PropertyValue.Name + " is"); switch(prop.Status) { case DynamicPropertyStatus.Defined: Response.Write(" set on this page to " + prop.PropertyValue.ToString()); break; case DynamicPropertyStatus.Inherited: Response.Write(" inhertied from " + prop.InheritedPageLink.ToString() + " with value " + prop.PropertyValue.ToString()); break; case DynamicPropertyStatus.Undefined: Response.Write(" not defined."); break; } Response.Write("
"); }
If the status is Inherited the property value is not printed.
Feb 23, 2006 8:14
Hello and thanks for the report! The correct syntax for the row that prints the dynamic property value if it is inherited should be: Response.Write(" inhertied from " + prop.InheritedPageLink.ToString() + " with value " + prop.InheritedValue.ToString()); I have updated the sdk for the next release.
Apr 03, 2006 14:49
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