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Archive function causes pages to re-publish?

Using the archive function you can move pages that have expired to another part of your site, a very useful function I think. But what I don't understand is why all the pages that are being archived loses their StopPublish date? Is this a bug that nobody cares about, or am I just missing something? :-) /Daniel
May 10, 2006 16:21
We just don't care about it :-) Actually, it is a feature. Archiving means they will be republished after they have been moved, so they are available again, but in another place. /Steve
May 10, 2006 21:23
I'm not currently experience this nice feature with the 4.60 based site I'm working on. Once the scheduled function archives the pages with passed stop publish dates they still keep the same date under the archive root they've been moved to. Are there any steps to take that I've missed to get the stop publish date cleared so the pages are displayed in lists etc when moved to the archive? /Fredrik
Jun 08, 2006 15:33
Actually, there is a bug when changing metadata that is shared on the different languages. It will only look like it is changed on one language, although the page will work as though it's changed on all. I think that might be the cause of this strange behaviour. So while it might not look like the stop publish date is cleared, it actually is, and the page should show up in lists.
Jun 08, 2006 16:19
Thanks for the explanation :)
Jun 08, 2006 16:31
This seems like a verry odd way to use the archiving function. We have been getting bug reports from our users because of this. When a user sets a 'Stop publish' date and archives the page, the user expects the page to remain unpublished. The error here is that EP uses the Stop publish date as flag for archiving. Why re-publish something that the user wanted to unpublish.
Jun 13, 2006 14:03
If you don't wan't the pages to be republished don't set archive page property on the page. Or if you actually want the page removed archive it to the wastebasket. Flexible? Yes! /HAXEN
Jun 14, 2006 13:54
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