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All files return 404 when reading them



We've recently upgraded to CMS 12, and now, all our media files are returning 404 to visitors. 

  • When all file paths, blob IDs etc seem correct. They point to the correct files on disk and match records in the database.
  • Uploading new files map them to the correct content type, and puts files correctly on disk where I expect it to. Even thumbnails are generated.
  • All files in question have Read access for Everyone
  • When I open an image in the image editor, the image shows up - so there's obviously ignition somewhere in there.
  • They return 404 both for public URLs and the in-edit-mode-URLs.
  • We have a single FileBlobProvider, pointing to a folder on disk - so nothing very complicated here.

Any pointers?

Edited, Oct 25, 2023 6:24

How did you setup the FileBlobProvider?


            "BlobProvidersOptions": {
                "DefaultProvider": "fileShare",
                "Providers": {
                    "fileShare": "EPiServer.Framework.Blobs.FileBlobProvider, EPiServer.Framework"
            "FileBlobProvider": {
                "Path": "\\\\myserver\\optidata"

Have you ensured you have enabled the serving of static files

Oct 25, 2023 7:21

The blob provider is added with services.AddFileBlobProvider("fileShare", configuration.EpiserverBlobPath); where the configured blob path indeed exists. Obviously is picked up, since uploads put new files in the correct place (Updated original post with this now.)

UseStaticFiles() is also called. May it be the order in which this is placed? If so, where should it be, set up against all the other must-haves?

Oct 25, 2023 7:26

I noticed something now:

Part of our config is this:

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>

If I replace the MapEPiServerExtensionEndpoints() with MapContent(), the images work, but it shuts down our own controllers (with System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'key')).

This whole code base is not using any razor pages; it's purely a content API with custom controllers (with route attributes), so we don't need any default routing or anything from the CMS, except for media files. Are there other alternatives here that would help? A lot of the stuff inside MapContent() is internal, so I can't add it myself...

Edited, Oct 25, 2023 10:38

Which version of CMS12 are you running?

Are you using minimal api:s or regular web api:s?

I typically add specific endpoints registrations for API:s in CMS12.

public static class ServiceCollectionExtensions
	internal const string ApiRoute = "/api/myapi";

	public static IEndpointRouteBuilder MyApiEndpoint(this IEndpointRouteBuilder builder)
		builder.MapGet(ApiRoute, (MyApiRequest request, IMyApiService service) =>
			var response = service.GetMyStuff(request.whaterver, request.somethingelse);
			return Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Results.Json(response, new System.Text.Json.JsonSerializerOptions() { PropertyNamingPolicy = null });

		return builder;

// in startup
app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
    // ...
Oct 25, 2023 10:59

Version: 12.19.0 - so pretty much up to date.

Regular oldschool Controllers with [Route("...")] scattered around. It's not an option to rewrite this into flat MapGet(...) as you showed here... :-\ 

It seems very strange to me though, that such a standard thing is so....obscure? Having some pure API-controllers on the side of page controllers must be something every project has, no?

Edited, Oct 25, 2023 11:06

Seems like the issue was some custom template resolution on our side, that basically selects an empty object. So, if fiddling about with the ITemplateResolver.TemplateResolving event, beware.

In addition, a basic, empty content controller was required too. If not, everything just returns empty responses. For some reason. 🤷

public class RootContentController : ContentController<PageData>
public ActionResult Index(PageData currentPage)
return Content("Hello world!");
Edited, Oct 25, 2023 11:34

Wow, that's a tough guess

Oct 25, 2023 11:56
Arve Systad - Oct 25, 2023 12:06
Indeed. Dark magic happens below the surface...
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